VocalTransit is a Global Telecom Carrier Aggregator
Specializing in Managed Wholesale VoIP / SIP Services

The combined network footprint spans nearly every major PSTN carrier and CLEC within
the United States along with many direct routes from Tier-1 carriers throughout the world.

Global PSTN Footprint

Direct Route:  

Single Hop:  

Multiple Hops:  
Direct PSTN Hand-offs Ensuring Optimum Audio Quality

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VocalTransit Advantages

  • Worldwide Direct Routes
  • 60+ Upstream Carrier Routes
  • Inbound DIDs Available Worldwide
  • Competitive Low Rates
  • Superior Voice Quality
  • Accurate CallerID w/ DTMF
  • Pure Uncompressed G.711 Audio Codec
  • Emerging High-Def G.722 Audio Codec
  • Registered Internet Service Provider
  • Redundant Infrastructure
  • Passionately Engineered
  • Meticulously Maintained

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